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Dolce 8mm

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The design of the creation "Dolce" was inspired by Geairaret's poem written on 02/02/18.

"Farniente and dolce vita

It means live your

Life, in good Italian,

Live and do nothing.


Idleness my little bird

Mother of all vices?

Or rather graceful reed

That folds with lilies


By the wind

Over time

At the whim of nothing

And that is good!


In the land of Dante

Beyond the circles of hell

Ah, it's good Farniente

And have absolutely nothing to do


Sleep, maybe dream

To be and to be reborn."


Three stones, three suspension points, for the delights and mysteries that the Dolce Vita has in store.


Width 8mm.


Designed & Manufactured in Downtown of Montreal, Canada.

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