Capture your memories.

The first time you made an eye-contact with your soulmate,

Your first date,

Your first couple anniversary,

The moment you realized this is the one,

The little thing that makes your story unique,

The times you laughed until your stomachs hurt,

The feeling you have when you hug eachother,

The excitement about a new project,

The obstacles you overcome together,

The joy you share of being together,

The very moment "we are stronger together" makes sense,

The places that became your places,

This feeling for, this person,

your person.

Who are we ?

We are the 1st Montreal luxurious brand that specializes in the creation of jewelry inspired by true stories.

Our goal is to make genuine connections with our people through our creations

We offer all our creations in silver, gold plated, rose gold and solid gold.

I put a spell on you...

Because you're mine.

For us

It's all about values.


❝ ❞

I absolutely loved my gold “Meet in the middle” ring. It was the  perfect size for me. The design is unique and such a statement, but still looks minimal and chic. It’s very flattering on the hand and I received many compliments. The story behind it is so beautiful. This can be such a perfect and meaningful gift to give to a loved one. 💕

Nada @ennsportfolio

❝ ❞

I bought it for my girlfriend because of what it represents. I wanted something special that says how much our relationship is important for me.

Damiano R.

❝ ❞

I absolutely love it ! It's so stunning and it's the perfect fit. I've received so many compliments on it.

Serena M.

❝ ❞

The intelligence and smartness of the design got me. I couldn't find a better way to put "Meet in the middle" into a a symbol.

Mélissa M.

❝ ❞

Omg I absolutely love the ring! I wear it everyday! It looks eclectic and sophisticated. I never leave the house without it and feel naked if I'm not wearing it.

Chloé R.