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"I dedicate this ring to the two people who love me more than anything in the world, who have always supported me in my projects, who have never let me down, who have never hesitated to sacrifice themselves for my good -being and my future My parents The 2 pillars of my life.

Dad, mom, you've always been there for me, through the good times and the worst of my life. Because of you and your unconditional love, I feel blessed and fortunate to have wonderful parents like you.

You are the two pillars of my life. Those who allow me to always stay strong in the face of adversity, never give up and draw the courage to move forward.

I love you from infinity to infinity,

xx "

The creation "Mada" was inspired by this touching letter from a young girl to her parents. The unconditional love of a father and a mother who marked and helped shape the incredible young woman she becomes. 


Width : 10mm.


Designed & Manufactured in Downtown of Montreal, Canada.