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The design of the creation "Whirly" was inspired by the song "Le tourbillon de la vie" by Jeanne Moreau.


Extract of the lyrics

"We met once, we met again

We lost sight of each other, we lost sight of each other again

We found each other, we broke up

Then we warmed up


Each for himself is gone again

In the whirlwind of life

I saw her again one evening ah! 

She fell back into my arms

She fell back into my arms


When we met, when we met again

Why lose sight of each other, lose sight of each other again?

When we met, when we warmed up

Why split up? "


The spiral-shaped design represents the whirlwind of life in which everyone is swept away. The two zircon stones symbolize the two moments of the song during which the two lovers find each other and meet again.


Designed & Manufactured in Downtown of Montreal, Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yamina Ait Allala

Une très belle découverte! J'ai acheté la bague tourbillonnant sans hésitation! Une très belle création. La fondatrice est très accueillante et gentille. Merci!

Agata De Santis
Whirly delight

Lovely ring. Wearing it almost daily!

Elisabeth Lacroix
Tres belle bague

J’aime beaucoup les bijoux simples et elegants. J’habite à montreal donc j’ai pris l’option pick-up et j’etais surprise de rencontrer la fondatrice. Elle est tellement gentille et charmante!
J’ai pris la bague en argent et elle n’a pas bougé.