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"Core" comes from our beloved community.


When designing -THE VALUES SERIE- collection, we asked our ambassadors and members of our community a question : "What keeps you from giving up when things go wrong ?".


Being asked in the context of a pandemic, answers that are inspiring as they are moving and profound have inspired the design of "Core".


The core that contains the element, the essence and the reason for all our efforts and sacrifices in what we undertake.


Here are some of their answers.

"It makes me really happy to answer your question. When nothing is going right around me, I think of all the beautiful things I have achieved. As well as my family and boyfriend who are always there for me and give me the strength to carry on. The prospect of my future projects also gives me motivation." - Audrey.


"The recognition of being healthy, of still being here and of living the adventure that is 'life' " - Audrey B.


"That's a very good question. I think of the positive despite the current situation. Thinking about the little pleasures in life also helps like walking in the forest, going to my favorite coffee shop, picking up my favorite flowers, lighting a candle to relax!" - Virginie


"I really have a beautiful model of resilience, my mom. She has been fighting a incurable cancer for the last 15 years. So she is the one who gives me the strength to move forward despite the disease." - Charlie-Eve


We would be delighted if you could tell us, in the comments, the source of your motivation as well.


Width 8mm.


Designed & Manufactured in Downtown of Montreal, Canada.

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Magnifique bague

Une si belle bague : confortable, délicate et de qualité! J'aime également la signification ! :) je vous la recommande sans hésiter!


L’une des meilleures bagues que j’ai pu avoir! Très joli modèle et travail très fin et beau . Si vous la voulez n’hésitez pas foncez !!! J’ai hâte de découvrir d’autre modèles🤩