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“ Once upon a time was a boy with a bad temper.

His father gave him a bag of nails and told him to drive one into the garden fence whenever he lost patience and argued with someone.

On the first day, he planted 37 in the fence.

Over the next few weeks, he learned to control himself, and the number of nails driven into the fence decreased day by day: he had discovered that it was easier to control himself than to drive nails.

Finally, a day came when the boy didn't drive any nails into the fence.

So he went to see his father and told him that for that day he had not driven any nails.

His father then told him to remove a nail in the fence for each day that he would not have lost his patience.

Days passed and finally the boy was able to tell his father that he had removed all the nails from the fence.

The father led his son in front of the barrier and said to him:

- My son, you behaved well but look at all the holes there are in the fence. It will never be like before. When you argue with someone and say something mean to them, you leave a wound like that. You can stick a knife in a man and then take it out, but there will always be a wound. No matter how many times you apologize, the verbal hurt hurts just as much as the physical hurt. "


The - Lavertue - design is based on this beautiful story.

Each bar represents the state of the fence before and after the nails are driven.

We added a bar filled with diamond stones to represent the goodwill of the efforts made to apologize and repair mistakes done out of impatience.

A diamond driven in the hole left by the previous nail...

An apology/action to make it up and heal the wound...

Customer Reviews

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Timeless design

My mother is the most difficult person to offer jewellery to since she has the most amazing collection with exceptional and super expensive pieces. I don't try to compete with that, firstly because I don't see the point to add another coin to the treasure chest, and secondly because I don't have the budget 😅.
What I do instead is bringing back something that has meaning, like typical from a place I visited, or made by a friend, or with a unique design. As based, inpired by Montreal with so much character, De Mont was just the perfect choice for her (and therefore for me 🙂). When came the time to give the Lavertue to her, I was nevertheless a bit anxious. My mother tends to be very classic in taste, wouldn't this ring be to daring, too modern?...
She just loved it.
And still loves it, it became one of her favourites and she wears it all the time.
De Mont can please the most demanding jewelry lovers thanks to quality and elegant design while remaining wearable in any circumstances. A De Mont ring simply brings a little piece of exceptional in everyday life.