Why -Meet in the middle- is the best engagement/promise ring ?

Have you ever heard the saying "meet in the middle" ? It's an expression that means two people should compromise in order to find a solution that works for both of them.

That's exactly what the - Meet in the middle - ring from DE MONT Creations represents - true love, patience, and communication.


 Available in Vermeil Gold 24k - Diamonds


Inspired by a true love story, the - Meet in the middle - ring is the perfect engagement ring for couples who value communication and understanding in their relationship.

The ring is designed with two brillant diamonds that are set apart from one another, symbolizing the individuality of each person in the relationship. However, the diamonds are also connected, each by a delicate band, representing the step forward, the unity and the compromise that are necessary for a successful relationship.


 Available in Massive Gold 10k/14k/18k - Diamonds


What makes this ring truly special is the story behind it. The founder of DE MONT Creations was inspired by a couple who was going through a rough patch during the pandemic of Covid-19. In order to overcome these challenges, the male partner came up with a game divided in a few question-steps. The questions aim to put order and focus on the core cause of the issue. One element at a time.

The couple had different love languages and style attachments, but they worked together to meet in the middle and make the most of these differences.

That's why - Meet in the middle - exists.


Couples that trust us


This ring is not just a symbol of love and commitment, but also of patience and communication. It reminds us that in a healthy relationship, both people should have a say and compromise when necessary.

The - Meet in the middle - ring encourages couples to work together to create something beautiful that represents their unique bond.


                            Credits : @nadya_el_said




So, if you're looking for an engagement or promise ring that represents true love, patience, and communication, look no further than the - Meet in the middle - ring from DE MONT Creations.

It's the perfect symbol of a healthy and happy relationship.


 Available in Vermeil Gold 24k - Zirconians


When you offer and wear - Meet in the middle -, you are willingly saying :

- I love you and I love our bond. I don't mind our differences and I don't see them as obstacles but as new opportunities to get to know you better and get closer to you. Let's figure this out together!


DE MONT standing for De Montréal.


- DE MONT Editions Team.

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