Meet Nadya De Mont Créations' First Ambassador

Let’s meet Nadia, the first ambassador of our company DE MONT Créations. You will discover how with her hype-network & marketing skills she has built a hospitality empire in Canada.

Born and raised in Tunisia, a very culturally rich country in North Africa that speaks French and Arabic, Nadya makes, at 19 years old, the decision to move to Montreal to pursue her high education in Business, at the prestigious HEC Montreal.

Nadya has relocated from her Home Town in Tunisia to Montreal to start her American dream journey.

Nadia: A Natural Networker from a Young Age

Growing up in Tunisia, Nadia wasn't your typical only child. Despite being an only child, she possessed an innate desire to connect with others. This "networking enthusiast" thrived on bringing people together. From a young age, she'd organize events, create games, even plan dance tutorials – all with the goal of entertaining and fostering a vibrant social atmosphere. This natural charisma and ability to connect with others would become a cornerstone of her future success.

Her African upbringing also played a significant role. African children, she explains, are raised differently. They learn the value of hard work and resourcefulness at a young age. Schools may be "humble" and technology less readily available, but the emphasis on social interaction and an "outdoor social childhood" instilled in her a sense of resilience and adaptability.

This adventurous spirit would later manifest in her bold move to Canada – a new country, a new chapter in her life.Landing there during the Covid pandemic, amidst the harsh Canadian winter, could have been daunting. Yet, Nadia saw it as an exciting adventure. She understood that taking risks and embracing the unknown are essential skills for any entrepreneur. Every experience, every interaction, she believed, shapes who you become.

Building a network in a new country could have been a challenge, but Nadia leveraged her natural ability to connect and her strong personal branding skills. Understanding the preferences of her target clientele (jet-setters) was key. She recognized the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the importance of maintaining a positive image. In the world of hospitality, "your network is your net worth," she emphasizes.

Nadia's infectious enthusiasm was another key to her success. She approached her work with a genuine passion, creating a positive and memorable experience for her clients. She understood that people don't just buy products or services; they buy experiences. By focusing on creativity, themed events, and entertainment, she offered clients an escape from the everyday, a moment of joy they wouldn't soon forget. In essence, she was selling a feeling, a moment of escape.

Building a Network in the Land of Maple Syrup

While initially enrolled at Tunisia's top engineering school (INSAT), she discovered a stronger pull towards social interaction and creativity. This led her to make a difficult decision – to switch to a business school. Although initially met with resistance from her family, Nadia persisted. Attending an English-speaking university with an American system (MSB) proved to be a turning point. She excelled there, even securing a scholarship to HEC Montreal – the first student in her program to do so. This scholarship allowed her to pursue her bachelor's degree in Canada, solidifying her decision to pursue a career in business trading the warmth of Tunisia for the Canadian winter.This bold move marked the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Montreal became a blank canvas for Nadya's entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing the "unknown with enthusiasm," she honed her personal brand and developed a keen understanding of the jet-set clientele. Word-of-mouth marketing became her weapon of choice, and her infectious enthusiasm was contagious.

The Queen of Fizz and Fun

Nadya's reputation as the "Champagne Queen" wasn't a stroke of luck. Her dedication to creating unforgettable experiences, complete with a touch of bubbly glamour, cemented her place in Montreal's nightlife scene. From hosting celebrities like Post Malone and French Montana to curating themed events, she mastered the art of crafting moments that left a lasting impression. For us she is the personification of a pretty and smart ambitious entrepreneur.

Aligning with De Mont Créations' Values

In 2022, De Mont Créations fell for her enthusiastic personality. Nadya's passion for luxury and the brand's focus on handcrafted creations with a narrative resonated deeply. Her journey, like De Mont's jewelry, reflected a dedication to excellence and a celebration of individual stories.

Nadya: The Epitome of the De Mont Créations Woman

Nadya embodies the essence of the De Mont Créations woman. She's confident, bold, and possesses an unwavering spirit. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and the ability to build meaningful connections. As De Mont Créations' first ambassador, she's a perfect fit, ready to share the brand's story with the world.




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