They Talk About Us: Recent Mentions in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour UK

We are thrilled to announce that DE MONT Creations has been featured in the latest issues of three major fashion magazines: Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour UK.

These publications have recognized our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry, and we are honored to have been included in their pages.




In the Vanity Fair UK issues, DE MONT Creations was featured in the Jewellery Showcase and acts as the definitive guide for the best jewellery brands to look out for this season. The showcase highlighted our taste for excellence and finesse in the design-making and our commitment to our values, explaining how each creation holds a true story and are changing the way customers interact with fashion.

 N.14. The -Baldwin - earcuffs from the 2nd collection featured in the Dec2022/Jan2023 issue of Vanity Fair UK


N.5. The - Meet in the middle - ring from the 1st collection featured in the Feb2023 issue of Vanity Fair UK


N.8. The - Lavertue - earrings from the 3rd collection featured in the Mar2023 issue of Vanity Fair UK


Vogue UK also took notice of DE MONT Creations, recognizing our innovative and authentic approach to fashion in their latest issue. In an article focused on jewellery designers profiles, our founder, Alicia Djouab, was highlighted for the strength of her beautiful philosophy and work ethics as an entrepreneur. Given her wonderful story and dedication to design, excellence and craftmanship.






Finally, Glamour UK featured DE MONT Creations in their latest issues focusing on two of our masterpieces, - Meet in the middle - and - De Leon -.

The article highlighted our creations as the only new pieces you need to add to your wardrobe and the key items for a seasonal refresh, emphasizing our dedication to creating a more accessible and equitable fashion industry through our large choice of materials.






We are thrilled to be recognized by these prestigious publications and to be included among the most innovative and ground-breaking companies in the industry.

Our team is more motivated than ever to continue pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities in the world of fashion.


Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the future.


DE MONT standing for De Montréal.


- DE MONT Editions Team.

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